Real Estate Marketing We all are aware of the fact that individuals usually settle on an official choice subsequent to seeing the property in person. However, inverters are expected to perform a thorough research online on any property they are longing for.

AAA Octa
(Bahria Town, Rawalpindi)

AAA (Ali Ahmed Amin) Associates is a group of organizations which was established in 2013 from where it figured out how to dispatch 7 effective porijects in Bahria town, Rawalpindi, Islamabad. AAA Octa, as the name presents itself, is their eighth super project to be out which will likewise be arranged in Bahria town phase 8. AAA Octa is a project that is intended to be ideal for both; business spaces and private purposes. It has near to permission to super stores, chemists and different food outlets.

It is a finely finished structure that suits any person who is planning to develop office spaces that lie at discernible routes from Bahria Phase 7, Bahria Phase 8 and DHA 1.

As per them, Pearl-Continental Hotel would be essential for this esteemed multi-purpose AAA Octa project, which not solely will be the tallest structure of Punjab yet will moreover incorporate a subject based shopping center, office spaces and cheif club.

AAA Associates are esteemed to contribute to such a housing society with gigantic possibilities and a promising future with extraordinary lifestyle.

Crescent Lake Tower
(Bahria Town, Rawalpindi)

We welcome you to encounter an altogether extraordinary thought of current living by allowing you the chance to make fitting and profitable investments, introducing before you the Crescent lake tower.

Their point through this project is to give one-stop answer for their regarded customers with the best theory plans and investment returns.

The designers of Crescent lake tower are very much aware of their client’s prerequisites and needs. They have contemplated their requirements and planned facilities according to their requests.

Crescent lake tower is made to be perceived as an image of extravagance and solace for those people who are happy to experience a marvelous and safe environment for themselves and their friends and family while investing on properties in Pakistan.

This five-star standard complex is planned so it engages its occupants to encounter an ideal way of life that they have been desiring for

Blue World City

Subsequent to having the option to set up various constructive projects in Pakistan, Blue group of organizations have propelled another grand project which will hold its acknowledgment internationally as the Blue world city. The main purpose for this project was primarily focusing on people that have lower salary and normal lifestyles.

This sublime project is situated on the primary Chakri road which makes it very simple for its occupants to arrive at the exchange of Lahore-Islamabad motorway (M2). This motorway upgrades the zone of the Blue World City. It is close to both, Rawalpindi, and Islamabad. Being in between the twin cities makes it ideal for people expecting to look for a house that is close to urban concentrates yet away from city tortures and defilement. Another remarkable benefit of this housing society is that it is in unbelievable closeness to the new Islamabad International Airport.