Web Based Medical Billing solutions that provide results We propose the best medical billing solutions for our client's company across the globe. DigiInfoSolutions has been providing high-quality & result-oriented medical billing services and is mainly focused on getting your medical business the attention it needs to grow.

Today's market has a plethora of medical billing companies to select from, but are they all trustworthy and dependable?

DigiinfoSolutions is laser-focused on providing you the collections you deserve while maintaining an unrivalled level of customer satisfaction. Internal Medicine practises, as well as practises specialising in cardiology, gastroenterology, nephrology, OB-GYN, pain management, and other medical specialties, are all served.


Furthermore, we provide Credentialing Services, Medical Transcription, Medical Management, IT Support (Remote and On-Site), Virtual Staffing, and many other services.


What does it mean to be credentialed? Credentialing is the process of evaluating and validating healthcare practitioners and medical practises in order to enrol in insurance.

Medical Billing

We first look at your workflow Setup of scanning hardware and software for fast claim transfer Access to your practice's billing database is simple.


DigiinfoSolutions provides a dependable virtual medical consultation from a team of experts who reply quickly and individually to any of your health-related isuues.

IT Services & Support

Our IT professionals are accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to assist you with any of your hardware, software, network, internet and other issues.

Cyber Security and HIPAA

Every organisation, especially those working with Protected Health Information, should prioritise data security. Our Confidentiality and Security Policy assures that your information is kept private and secure.

Medical Transcription

Medical transcription, or MT, is the process of turning voice-recorded or handwritten notes and reports made by physicians or other healthcare professionals into text.

Virtual Staff

Outsourcing part of your practising tasks to our virtual staff members is one of the finest strategies to retain your sanity. Our team ensures that we meet deadlines.

Marketing Services

Over the last five years, the marketing world has altered tremendously. In today's oversaturated market, firms require a strong digital strategy to be competitive.

HR Services

As human resource advisors, we perform a wide range of services. Following a functional study, we create a unique project for each customer, in which we develop and implement strategies.

Practice Management Services

Our practise management service allows us to provide a 360-degree picture of a client's inadequacies and issues, allowing them to obtain efficient solutions.


Tax-advantaged savings are available via Digiinfosolutions IRA counselling and tax-deferral services. We works with our clients to help them prepare for retirement.

Our Process

Patient registration is the first step on any medical billing flow chart

The term “financial responsibility” refers to who owes what for a specific doctor’s appointment. Once the biller gets all of the necessary information from the patient, he or she can decide whether services are covered by the patient’s insurance plan.

The superbill is a document that provides all of the relevant information about the medical services that have been performed. This comprises the provider’s name, the physician’s name, the patient’s name, the procedures performed, the diagnostic and procedure codes, and other relevant medical information.

After the biller has completed the medical claim, he or she is responsible for verifying that it fits all compliance requirements, including coding and format.

Except in specific instances, all health entities covered by the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA) have been required to submit claims electronically since 1996. 
HIPAA covers the majority of providers, clearinghouses, and payers.

When a claim reaches a payer, it goes through an adjudication process. A payer reviews a medical claim and determines if it is valid/compliant and, if so, how much of the claim the payer will reimburse the provider for during adjudication. A claim may be accepted, denied, or rejected at this point.

After the biller receives the payer’s report. The statement is a bill from the provider for the procedure or procedures that the patient had. The leftover amount is passed to the patient after the payer has agreed to pay the provider for a portion of the claim’s services.

The final step in the billing process is to make sure that bills are paid. Billers are in charge of sending out accurate and timely medical invoices, as well as following up with patients who have unpaid bills. After a bill has been paid, the information is saved in the patient’s file.